Why Noah?

Why I am running:

I am running for US Congress because I understand the grave peril the American way of life is now in. I draw upon my years of experience as an international attorney, former Army officer and business founder to “connect the dots.” I must conclude, to my horror, that America is currently in the midst of a war being waged against the free American people by foreign state and international corporate interests, actively facilitated by compromised actors in our own government. If we lose this war, America is done. The 2022 election may be the last one we have. Sadly, very few current officeholders and candidates understand the big picture, and the threats we face. As someone who does, and as a father, husband, and patriot, I feel I can do nothing less than to try to get involved to disrupt our descent into authoritarianism.

We stand at the threshold of the loss of American freedom. What is happening here is happening all over the historically free world, mostly represented by Western nations such as Australia, Canada, and in Western Europe. American freedom stands as one of the last obstacles to global authoritarianism. In order to prevent the rise of authoritarianism, we must understand that American freedom has both legal and cultural aspects.

Despite the great sacrifices required of generations of Americans before us in the pursuit and defense of freedom, we nonetheless took for granted that people would find the value of freedom to be self-evident and the maintenance of free society to therefore be self-executing. Instead, those who desire to control us more than we desire to remain free, committed massive resources to systematically and comprehensively influencing us to despise our freedom and seek serfdom. As a result, we have never been closer to losing what so many before us have paid dearly to establish.

For generations, American culture has been synonymous with freedom and innovation. Many of us still understand that positive American culture is better than Marxist poverty.  Policy is downstream from politics, which is downstream from culture. To the extent we are living through the dismantling of a free America, it is in large part a consequence of decades of cultural decline.

That decline is no accident; those who will steal our freedom have worked hard to create it. Their effort has been made easier by the conspicuous lack of resistance from those of us who love the American culture of freedom and innovation. We have ceded direction of our cultural influences, from education to entertainment, to those aligned with the enemies of American culture, and now we are reaping the harvest of that failure.

The enemies of American freedom, while co-opting American cultural influences, simultaneously worked to find a policy agent to translate the yield from their cultural investment into corresponding legal and regulatory reality. China is a potential source of fantastic profit, with a consumer market many times larger than exists in the United States. The CCP’s goal is to supplant the United States as the sole global superpower. The Chinese goal is not to destroy America, but rather to absorb it into the global Chinese network of client states. To do that, they need to transition the American system of government into an authoritarian regime, after which they can simply install the right authoritarian at the service of the CCP to serve as their American viceroy.

The CCP trades access to their vast consumer market to global commercial interests in exchange for corporate cultural influence in the areas of American education and entertainment. The cultural influences they prescribe are those that make America much more vulnerable to Chinese succession. In particular, those cultural influences are those that celebrate central control and the primacy of state authority over individual liberty. The goal is to impose a comprehensive culture of self-loathing, helplessness, relinquishment and despair, hopelessness, and defeat. Other prominent CCP-sponsored cultural themes, which are pervasive in 2022, include shamefulness about American history, the denial of absolute right and wrong, an elevation of an oppressor-victim dynamic, devaluation of human life, and the rejection of the value of family.

China also requires its corporate suitors to use their vast lobbying power to influence American political figures to pursue policies that favor Chinese succession. CCP-promoted policies are those that decrease prosperity and security while consolidating control in central authority and diminish individual freedom and citizen autonomy. By centralizing control in a few, China decreases the number of people and agencies it needs to capture in order to weaken America.

While both major American political parties have historically been victims of this CCP-driven corporate influence, lately, the Democrat party has become nearly completely compromised. Sadly, the modern Democrat organization is no longer a traditional political party but resembles something more like a public policy firm for hire. It does not have many regular American citizen constituents. Rather, it has vastly powerful, corporate clients. Among them are big tech, big pharma, and Wall Street.

At the same time, Chinese military, and intelligence work tirelessly to compromise American politicians to cultivate key assets in positions of power. Recently, they achieved something of a zenith in this respect when they helped to install a compromised American politician into the White House.

Sun-Tzu, the famous Chinese military genius, stated, “supremacy is warfare is to defeat your enemy without firing a shot.” In practice, what this looks like could hardly be better illustrated than by the current situation between China and the US. In order to halt the slide into Chinese client-state status, which means a future of slavery for future generations of American children, we must implement a bold and comprehensive plan. We need something bigger than the Contract with America of 1994, and critically, something that unapologetically addresses the critical cultural aspects of American life.

I propose a New American Vision. A vision of positive, American, Culture, Security, Prosperity and Justice

-Noah V. Malgeri esq.


“I have never observed such a coordinated, well-resourced, possibly existential constellation of threats directed at our country and way of life as I do today. As a father and citizen I am unable to justify standing by at this point and doing nothing.”