Policy Ideas

Defund Planned Parenthood

In addition to destroying one life and harming two others, the barbaric practice of abortion as birth control poisons our culture and represents a repudiation of the sanctity of human life in God’s image. Tolerance and even celebration of abortion leads to destructive attitudes including the devaluation of human life and the sexualization, abuse and neglect of children. We need to immediately defund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation, performing abortions with your money. This alone would save taxpayers over $500,000,000 (five hundred million dollars) per year, but vastly more significantly, would save about 500,000 American lives per year, whose worth is invaluable in God’s eyes.

We also need to examine the tax-exempt status of Planned Parenthood. How can a conspicuously partisan organization enjoy tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code?

Halt Federal Funding of Education

Politics is downstream of culture, and culture is created and cultivated to a large degree by the government education system. What we are living through now is nothing short of the intentional perversion of education and poisoning of young minds. So much of modern curricula in government schools is, in essence, instruction in “appropriate” culture rather than academics. Such cultural topics include “antiracism,” critical theory-based history, civics, and science, and cultural sexuality and gender instruction. This role is properly reserved to parents, churches, and families, not state workers funded by our tax dollars. These destructive doctrines lead to separation from and distrust of family, sexualization and exploitation of children, and the hatred of country and history.

The federal government abuses its unconstitutional education funding power to encourage and advance instruction of “cultural” topics in local government schools and universities. The federal government has no constitutional role in public education. Therefore, all federal funding for education must stop. This means the abolition of the Department of Education. This alone would save US taxpayers over $20,000,000,000 (twenty billion dollars) per year!

We also need to examine the tax-exempt status of colleges and universities. How can a conspicuously partisan organizations enjoy tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code?

Defund NPR

The federal government has no constitutional role in the cultivation and promotion of culture or education. These are ostensibly the main purposes of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The CPB therefore over the years has found itself inevitably at the center of political controversies regarding bias and programming themes. Currently, NPR in particular operates as a publicly funded Marxist propaganda outlet. The entire CPB should be defunded, at a savings to US taxpayers of over $450,000,000 (four hundred and fifty million dollars) per year!

Move DC

Much has been said about the massive, unchecked power wielded by the “swamp” in and around DC. Most of this “swamp” is comprised of the creaking, oversize administrative state that has been cultivated around federal authorizing legislation. The administrative state is the most powerful “branch” in our government. Various agencies of the administrative state have been weaponized for political and ideological reasons to persecute and oppress American citizens with little recourse. Staffed by permanent career bureaucrats wielding tremendous power, the politicization of the behemoth administrative state stands as one of the greatest threats to our liberty. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the highest paid employee in the US government, embodies what destruction this class can wreak on American livelihoods.

The class of permanent career partisans who staff these agencies includes thousands of public employees in and around the DC area. This makes “draining the swamp” very difficult. Rather than draining the current swamp, however, one promising alternative is to simply move the seat of government out of it. Congress possesses this power. We should consider amending the Residence Act of 1790, which created the current federal District of Columbia, and move the seat of government to another location. This would provide the added benefit of fairness to legislators in the American West, Hawaii and Alaska, who must travel great distances to conduct their legislative work, which imposes huge and disparate costs on their critical work.

We should therefore consider moving the seat of federal government to a more fair, central location, such as rural Kansas or even farther west.

Remove Liability Protection for Big Pharma

The COVID “vaccine” products are the only products of which I’m aware for which the government 1. Funds the research and development (with your money), 2. Mandates that you use it (with your money) and 3. Shields the manufacturer from liability for injury or death. If this sounds like a racket, it is because it is! The abuses perpetrated by Big Pharma in connection with the COVID jab are a direct result of the federal statutory liability shield. They are not required to stand behind their product, unlike every other product sold.

Simply put, if Big Pharma were held responsible for consequences of its product, it would have an incentive to develop and provide a safe and effective product and doctors would not be subject to massive professional pressure to administer that product in an irresponsible manner. I suspect that but for the liability shield, there would be NO VAX MANDATES at the federal, state, municipal and even private level.

There are so many questions surrounding the “vaccine,” such as: Where did the seasonal flu go? Why is the medical establishment pushing the jab on those at no risk from COVID (including children)? Was the rushed development process conducted responsibly? The fastest way to get to the bottom of all of these and so many other questions, is simply to remove the liability shield. Congress can and must do this. Thousands of American trial lawyers will then find out the truth, in court, and we will all benefit.


One of the biggest casualties of American society over the last few years has been the destruction of justice. We no longer enjoy a system of equal justice under the law. In today’s American, certain classes of citizens have been elevated above the rule of law, and other classes of citizens bear the full weight of federal law enforcement resources regardless of whether they have committed any crime. Which class a citizen falls into depends on his or her politics. This is a despicable situation and stands completely at odds with everything America represents. The future success of our great nation depends critically on our willingness and ability to restore equal application of the law, regardless of political affiliation.

The recent abuses perpetrated on American citizens by the unaccountable security and surveillance state, along with federal law enforcement, are abominable. We need accountability for these abuses in order to move forward. That means, among other things:

  • Full transparency on the role federal agents played in creating the events of January 6, and justice for those unlawfully targeted.
  • We need to see the thousands of hours of video from inside the Capitol that day. I will not vote for any candidate for Speaker who does not pledge to release this information to the American public.
  • We need to implement stricter controls on such abuses and strong penalties for federal agents who abuse and misuse government resources to persecute, entrap, or frame citizens based on political affiliation.
  • We are entitled to know the role the American government played in the development of the COVID virus in China, and to accountability for those responsible for the terrible consequences of its release. It is intolerable that we are told that 800,000 Americans died as the result of COVID, but not permitted to know the origin of the virus. Why did the Biden administration halt the inquiry into its origins? What role did Anthony Fauci play? We deserve answers.
  • We are entitled to justice for the massive foreign policy and national security failure that was the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. What role did Chinese pressure play in hasty and disastrous abandonment of Bagram and our Embassy, and the betrayal of US nationals in that country?
  • We are entitled to justice for those who perpetrated the massive election steal of 2020, which amounted to a coup against the American people. We are entitled to free and transparent elections going forward, and to insurance that only those who are entitled to vote do so, at the very least through the requirement of proper identification for voters.


The citizens of the formerly sovereign United States of America are currently experiencing a massive, unprecedented invasion of non-citizens from all over the world. This invasion is and has been facilitated and cultivated by the very occupants of our highest Executive Branch offices, in something resembling an act of treason. This invasion brings with it the largest human trafficking operation ever witnessed on US soil, as well as the largest drug trafficking operation in American history, imposing incredible human and financial costs on hundreds of thousands of people. This is a crime. No one knows for sure, but it may be that over 15% of the residential population of the United States is here illegally. This imposes massive burdens on our already strained public services, healthcare, law enforcement, and education services as well as a terrible burden on our labor markets.

We must immediately close our Southern border to all immigration activity until the wall is complete. We also need to tackle the problem of removal. There are too many people here illegally to deport. We need to create incentives for self-removal, including by enforcing existing laws relating to the employment of illegal aliens. After the wall is complete, we should allow a six-month window for illegal aliens to leave, after which they can apply for a legal immigration status appropriately. For those who refuse to leave, if we must commit tax dollars to their deportation and expose officers to danger in their pursuit, they should be prohibited from obtaining residential status in the United States for life.

We need to finally end the unconstitutional DACA program, and to end birthright citizenship, which serves as a magnet for illegal immigration. For current recipients of DACA status who were brought here as minors, we should offer a pathway to legal permanent residence status (green card). As citizens of their countries of origin, they can continue their lives and workhere, and while they may be able to vote in the elections of their nationality, they should not be permitted to vote in the United States until and unless they become citizens through existing, legitimate means. To do otherwise would be unfair to the thousands of applicants for citizenship who have been waiting for years to attain this status.


We need massive and immediate federal investment in Nevada mining and processing capacity. This includes enacting legislation to provide tax incentives to support domestic manufacturing and deployment. We also must fund research, development, and demonstration. Further, we must block mining industry transactions that benefit Chinese companies. For example, we need to block deals like the 2016 deal in which a U.S. company sold a Congolese mine to a Chinese firm. The deal involved a firm connected to the president’s son Hunter Biden. Finally, we should create a stockpile of select, high priority critical minerals. For the hydrocarbon-based economy, we have the strategic petroleum reserve, and we need an equivalent for strategic minerals.

BLM Land and Yucca Mountain

The Bureau of Land Management owns 67% of Nevada’s land. A study showed BLM land in Nevada operated at a loss of 91 cents per acre, while the average of state land operated by four western states including Nevada earned more than $28 per acre. One of the most powerful ways to diversify the Nevada economy and to bring more investment to Nevada is to de-federalize the extensive Nevada BLM lands.

The Yucca Mountain repository project will create jobs and enrich the Nevada economy for years to come. We should complete the Yucca Mountain project and begin operations, but in exchange, the Federal Government must grant BLM land to the state of Nevada or its counties.


With an average of less than 10 inches of rainfall each year, Nevada is the nation’s driest state. More than any other state, Nevadans depend critically on the Colorado River for fresh water. Arizona and California also use water from the River, but those states have other water resources available as well. Arizona has significant groundwater reserves. California receives significant rain and snowfall (but has resisted calls to build reservoirs capable of capturing and storing this water, instead allowing it to run into the Pacific Ocean).

The current annual water allotments among California, Arizona, and Nevada (the Lower Basin States) were established in 1928 as part of the Boulder Canyon Project. Of the river water allocated to the Lower Colorado River Basin, California gets 59%, Arizona gets 37%, and Nevada only gets 4%.

In 1928, however, when this allocation was made, only 89,000 people lived in the entire state of Nevada. Nevada’s population has increased by 3500% since then. California’s population has only increased about 700%, and Arizona’s by about 1600%. Nevada’s water needs have grown much faster than the other two Lower Basin States. Put another way, Nevada’s population is about 43% of Arizona’s but Nevadans only get 10% of the water Arizona receives! In addition, California’s population is actually declining, whereas Nevada’s is rapidly increasing.

California’s dams are in a terrible state of disrepair and neglect. Two-thirds of California’s dams are at least 50 years old. Most dams were designed based on outdated assumptions about hydrology and earthquakes. More than 90 California dams need major upgrades to better handle large floods or withstand earthquakes. The Oroville Dam Crisis of 2017 resulted from this neglect. During that crisis, nearly 200,000 people were evacuated from their homes. Fortunately, the worst-case catastrophic dam failure did not result, but had it, the human toll could have been horrifying.

California is in desperate need of dam repair and the construction of new dams. The recent Infrastructure Bill does not provide nearly enough funding for this critical infrastructure, especially compared to the tens of billions allocated to roads, rails and high-speed internet. Congress should send a bill to the President that would modernize and repair the aging dams around the country, as well as building new dams in California. At the same time, the bill should provide for a reallocation of the water among California, Arizona and Nevada. As California’s dams are repaired and new ones built, Nevada should ultimately get its share based on population, or about 7% of the Lower Basin allocation.

Patent Reforms

The American patent system, the origin of which is enshrined in the US Constitution and which was created immediately after the nation’s founding by the Patent Act of 1790, has proven to be one of the greatest engines to innovation in the world, and helped the United States to be the global leader in innovation for generations. The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) is the administrative agency that issues US patents. I have had the honor of practicing patent law, including before the PTO.

Historically, after the issuance of a patent, the vast majority of all patent infringement and patent validity disputes were adjudicated in US District Court. More recently, legislation moved much of the validity practice to an administrative court within the PTO (the PTAB). This move has resulted in many more patents being invalidated. Since inception, 84% of the patents that go through a PTAB process get fully or partially invalidated. Often the invalidity proceedings are prosecuted by large tech corporations against smaller inventive entities or even individual inventors, who are seeking to enforce their patents against such larger corporations. A reasonable PTAB defense can cost $400,000 to $800,000 – out of reach for most inventors.

As outlined in my policy position regarding the administrative state, whenever an administrative agency possesses rulemaking, executive, and adjudicatory power, it is susceptible to influence by monied interests, which can result in some degree of industry capture. We need to abolish the PTAB and move patent validity adjudication back to Article III courts where it belongs. This arrangement preserves the critical checks and balances relationship that helps to prevent corrupting industry influence.

A patent represents a property right. Property rights fundamentally confer the power to exclude. For example, ownership of a piece of land generally means the owner gets to decide who is allowed to be present on that land. In the case of a patent, the owner gets to decide who gets to use the patented technology and under what terms. Without the ability to exclude, the value of the patent right is significantly diminished.

In 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the patent property right no longer conferred an absolute right to exclude (the eBay case). Instead, once a patent holder proves infringement, he or she may only be entitled to receive a court-determined royalty, and no right to halt the infringement. That outcome is often the case when the infringer has already invested a lot of money into practicing the (infringing) technology. This change in the law reduced the power of the American inventor compared to large corporations. We need to restore the full power of the patent property right by legislatively overturning the eBay decision and guaranteeing the right to exclude as a part of the patent right.

Impeach Joe Biden

“I have never observed such a coordinated, well-resourced, possibly existential constellation of threats directed at our country and way of life as I do today. As a father and citizen I am unable to justify standing by at this point and doing nothing.”