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The Washington Post recently reported some explosive revelations regarding the conduct of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, under his previous boss, President Donald J. Trump. Specifically, the Post reported that General Milley called his Communist Chinese equivalent, General Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army, at least twice to pledge to the Chinese general that the United States would not attack Chinese interests. Milley reportedly assured him, “We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.” The Post additionally reported that General Milley further comforted the Chinese general with the following astonishing pledge: “General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.” 

Not only did Gen. “White Rage” Milley engage the Chinese, he also reportedly called the US admiral overseeing the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, the military unit responsible for Asia and the Pacific region, and recommended postponing some planned military exercises. The admiral complied. Note that Milley only “recommended’ the training be postponed; the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs possesses no command authority, and thus is unable to order any such action. However, occupying the highest rank in the military carries significant influence, chain of command notwithstanding. The CJCS has the ear of the President. 

Gen. Milley has not disputed any of these accounts. 

But there’s more: Milley also reportedly summoned senior US military officers to review the procedures for launching US nuclear weapons, instructing that he was to be involved in any nuclear release decision. Looking each in the eye, Milley asked the officers to affirm that they had understood, in what he considered an “oath.” He reportedly secured such assurance from each officer, despite his lack of command authority. 

Astonishingly, all of this allegedly happened while the US maintained a heightened alert status with China due to the occasion of the impending US presidential election, which the US worried the Chinese would try to influence electronically. That enhanced vigilance relating to the Chinese continued through the period until after the events at Capitol on January 6, which apparently caused the Chinese some degree of concern regarding the stability of the American federal government. 

Critically, none of the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the President of the United States (Milley’s boss), were aware of General Milley’s communications with the Chinese.

If the foregoing is true, it is one of the biggest stories in the world all last year, reflecting some of the worst possible treasonous conduct imaginable. In his calls with General Li, Milley would have effectively traded allegiance to the United States for allegiance to a foreign adversary, while the US was in a heightened state of alert with respect to that adversary. In his address and appeal to the senior US military leadership in charge of nuclear release, Milley would have effectively spearheaded a mutiny. It would be plainly illegal for Milley, who possess no command authority to effectively attempt to order his colleagues of inferior rank to ignore orders of the Commander in Chief unless Milley approved them. 

This conduct also represents a plain usurpation of civilian control of the military. 

When discussing similar scenarios taking place in foreign countries, we generally refer to such conduct as a “coup” or perhaps a “putsch.” We are naturally reluctant to invoke such language when discussing our own government, because we take great comfort in the presumption that such affairs are impossible in the United States. In a world seemingly gone mad, we jealously guard the sanctity of whatever imagined comforts we may maintain. 

However, if true, Milley’s conduct does constitute a coup attempt. Of course, coups are never perpetrated by one person acting alone. When the coup is primarily conducted by civilian elements, it is critical to recruit sufficient military personnel to ensure the military cannot or will not be employed by the existing regime to repel the coup. Milley would appear to occupy such a role in the present scenario. 

As I have stated consistently over the course of my campaign for US Congress, the citizens of the United States presently find themselves the victims of a massive coup, nominally directed at the removal of Donald J. Trump from office through fabricated evidence supporting false claims, and later through the robbery of an election. As I have written and stated previously, I believe China was plainly involved in the election coup of November 2020. Insofar as Donald Trump was the people’s representative and choice, the coup was against both Trump and the American citizenry. 

The consequences of Milley’s actions are quite chilling. Imagine the following, terrifying scenario: Seizing the truly unique opportunity to achieve a long-term goal, after Milley assures the Communists that we were not going to attack them, China executes a long-planned military invasion of the nation of Taiwan. President Trump then decides to send US troops, sea and/or air assets, perhaps along with other coalition-nation troops, to Taiwan to aid in its defense. A young soldier on his way to Taiwan as a part of the deployment steels himself for the uncertainty he is about to encounter, but reassures himself with the thought of providing vital aid to a free country attempting to avoid totalitarian takeover. Little does the soldier know that true to his word, Milley has already called the Communists, and alerted them to the plans. The Chinese are waiting for our soldier, and obliterate his transport before it has a chance to land in Taiwan. 

“White Rage” Milley Must Face Consequences

It is clear that Milley must face consequences for his treachery. If an enlisted soldier had done anything remotely approaching this level of betrayal, he or she would rightly be vilified in the media and would immediately be court-martialed, convicted, and would likely be sentenced to life in prison or perhaps even death. Why should the outcome be any different for Milley? It should not. I have heard some commentators call for the formation of some form of investigative commission with the Congress. Although such a commission may be appropriate to investigate the scope and extent of the apparent coup attempt, insofar as it relates to Milley and his consequences, it is a terrible idea. It will only invite a media circus, politicization, grandstanding, and critically: massive and dangerous delay. That will give the Chinese and their American co-conspirators opportunity to pivot, react, deflect, and adjust course. This must be avoided. 

The media should be reporting the story, not driving it. Any political commission would serve no legitimate purpose any more effectively than the military justice apparatus already in place. As I can attest as a former Army JAG prosecutor, the United States military enjoys a robust and fair law enforcement and military justice system. We can be confident that an enlisted soldier accused of such offenses would be subject only to such process, and the same should be applied to Milley. Further, the relevant facts don’t appear to require an extensive investigation, and the military justice process is designed to dispose of straightforward matters quickly. All relevant calls will have been recorded or transcribed, and all relevant meetings would have involved high-ranking officers readily scheduled for testimony. 

Critically, however, Milley must be suspended from all duties pending the outcome of the process. If true, the allegations show that Milley represents a clear and present danger to the United States. Outrageously, fake president Joe Biden has determined to keep him on and indicated he has “complete confidence” in Milley. This indicates fairly conclusively to me, that fake president Joe is likely a part of any coup (after all, as I have written, the Chinese likely played an indispensable role installing Joe through stealing the election). 

Assuming, then, that Milley is court-martialed, what could he be charged with? There are likely several articles under the Uniform Code of Military Justice which with Milley could be charged, but let’s consider one. Article 106a of UCMJ describes the crime of Espionage. That article basically states that any soldier who, with intent that it is to be used to the advantage of a foreign nation, communicates to any foreign government information relating to the national defense, is guilty of Espionage. The article further provides that if the information communicated concerns nuclear weaponry, early warning systems, retaliation against large scale attack, war plans, or any other major element of defense strategy, the accused “shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.” Espionage is a capital offense, and, the facts alleged and perhaps admitted appear to support the charge. 

Another potential charge under the UCMJ is Art. 104, Aiding the enemy: “Any person who- without proper authority, knowingly gives intelligence to, or communicates or corresponds with or holds any intercourse with the enemy, either directly or indirectly; shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct”

Ugly Reality Revealed

This conduct from “White Rage” Milley reveals an incredible truth: China is running the current administration. But why? Why did Milley sell out his country, countrymen, comrades, and integrity to China? (It is helpful to first understand some important context. I recommend readers first read my recent piece on the Afghanistan withdrawal by way of background.) 

Here is the explanation: Members of the global aristocracy enjoy the same lifestyle no matter which country they live in: the lives of Chinese elite are the same as American as British as Japanese as Saudi as Russian, etc. Therefore, the elite will support whichever global, dominant power which ensures the most power, prosperity, privilege, longevity and security for their families into the future. Once China offers them a better deal, from that perspective, than the current, US-led world order, they will do everything in their power to ensure Chinese hegemony, no matter what the cost to the serfs. The aristocracy themselves are only concerned with the long game for their own family dynasties. 

I propose that is exactly what we are observing and what explains the current upside-down world we now reluctantly occupy. Once initiated, the progression of the transition of power from an existing power (the US) to a successor (China), becomes an accelerating cascade. As members of the elite “middle management” tier, such a Biden, Milley, Fauci, Blinken, etc., begin to appreciate that the transition effort is underway, they scramble to demonstrate their loyalty to the successor regime in ever more strident and aggressive manners. They do this in order to ingratiate themselves with the incoming ruling class and secure favorable placement and treatment in the new regime. This process accelerates as more and lower-level traitors see the process taking shape, and as the field of aspirants becomes more crowded, their efforts at achieving distinction become more aggressive to get noticed. Milley is a prime example of this phenomenon. 

Thus, the process of transition accelerates, implicitly and explicitly encouraged by the successor regime. This process is particularly attractive to those members of “middle-management” who do not come from or possess bona fide elite credentials, but find themselves in positions valuable to the burgeoning transition. They appreciate that they can leverage their exploitation of those positions to obtain place in the new elite system. This may well describe Milley. 

Such is the brilliance of the Chinese approach: they understood that to destroy their only obstacle to global dominance (the US-led Western system), they need only appropriate and co-opt the elites therein. Everything flows from that. As the famous Chinese general, Sun Tzu tell us: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Good News

But there is some good news: this process can be halted. The elites know that they have not yet reached the critical tipping point at which their success is inevitable. The only advantage the free people of the world enjoy today is the only one we ever will: resistance in numbers. That advantage can still be relied upon to deliver victory so long as our resolve holds. But the first, indispensable step is cultivating general understanding of the process at work. As people with open eyes, it is incumbent upon us to use that knowledge to make others aware of the gravity of the current situation to the best of our abilities. Civil disobedience will play a prominent role, as will exercises of federalism. Both may even prompt constitutional crises. But no success can be achieved with exposing the process. The elites understand this; this is why we now see such aggressive, applications of censorship. The only way the elites can succeed in delivering control to the successor regime is by hiding their work. We have all heard: “The greatest lie the Devil ever told is that he does not exist.”

One important point: as the process of transition proceeds, the cost of mass resistance increases with each passing week and day (as we can see in the case of Australia, where the process has advanced somewhat further than in the US. Australia is a useful picture of what we will become if we don’t change our course). In other words, it is cheaper and less disruptive to resist today than tomorrow, and so on.

So, what does all this mean? In addition to spreading the truth, each of us needs to make a decision on how we will respond when tyranny arrives on our doorstep. Whether this be at your child’s school, at your workplace, at your university or college, with your friends or family, each must decide now how far he or she will be pushed without drawing a line and saying “no further.” Because when tyranny visits your threshold, it will be too late to make a rational decision. What is your children’s freedom worth to you? What can you do, today, to tip the likelihood of victory ever so slightly to the advantage of the free?

Understand that we are witness to truly historic lawlessness, deceit, evil and corruption. This is why I am running for US Congress: this is something I can do today to change the course we are on, for my kids and yours. Because make no mistake, we are in an existential crisis, a cold Civil War that threatens to go hot. The media will urge rage toward anyone who points any of this out, so count the cost, but remember that “when tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”