Former Prosecutor, Army Combat Veteran, Businessman, and Engineer Noah Malgeri, running for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, is asking his Republican primary opponents to join him in a debate. “This race should be about the issues and what matters to Southern Nevadans. Not about money, connections, or being a favorite of the Establishment.” Noah Malgeri stated. “The people deserve to know where we stand, what our differences are, and who will be the best Republican to take on Susie Lee. I look forward to engaging my fellow Republican candidates on the issues so they can make an informed decision. Too much is at stake this election to take anything for granted. We can’t depend on the media to sufficiently vet anyone – the voters need to hear from us all directly.”

Malgeri’s opponents include April Becker, John Kovacs, Clark Bossert, and Mark Robertson. Each one was issued the invitation by Noah Malgeri. The Malgeri campaign is willing to debate with the other Republican candidates on fair terms hosted by a mutually agreed neutral party.