For Immediate Release:
April 21, 2022
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One of the biggest tragedies of the last few years has been the destruction of justice. We no longer enjoy a system of equal justice under the law. In today’s American, certain classes of citizens have been elevated above the rule of law, and other classes of citizens bear the full weight of federal law enforcement resources regardless of whether they have committed any crime. Which class a citizen falls into depends on his or her politics. The future success of our great nation depends critically on our willingness and ability to restore equal application of the law, regardless of political affiliation.

We need accountability for past abuses in order to move forward in restoring our great nation. That means, among other things:
• Full transparency on the role federal agents played in creating the events of January 6 in DC, and justice for those unlawfully targeted.
• We need to see the thousands of hours of video from inside the Capitol that day. (I will not vote for any candidate for Speaker who does not pledge to release this information to the American public.)
• We are entitled to know the role the American government played in the development of the COVID virus in China, and to accountability for those responsible for the terrible consequences of its release. Why did the Biden administration halt the inquiry into its origins?
• We are entitled to justice for the massive foreign policy and national security failure that was the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. What role did Chinese pressure play in the hasty and disastrous abandonment of Bagram and our Embassy, and the betrayal of US nationals in that country?
• We are entitled to justice for those who perpetrated the massive election steal of 2020, which amounted to a coup against the American people.
• We are entitled to assurance that only those who are entitled to vote do so, at the very least through the requirement of proper identification for voters.

One of the biggest lessons we have had an opportunity to re-learn over the course of the recent national security failures of the Biden regime is that energy independence lies at the heart of national security. We have seen that mutual defense pacts such as NATO are close to meaningless when the member nations are dependent on their adversaries for their heating fuel, and how disruptions in global oil energy supply can devastate the domestic economy while leaving America helpless.
We know what needs to be done to address US hydrocarbon security: immediately implement a full-scale domestic development, production and refinement plan and return to net-exporter status. In addition, as we move, for various reasons, toward alternatives to a hydrocarbon-based economy, we must positively identify which resources will be critical to the maintenance of energy independence in that economy. Much of the new, renewable economy will depend on the mining and processing of elements buried in the ground.
Rare earth elements (REE’s) are chemicals found in the earth’s crust and are vital to modern technology. From 1964 to the late 1990s the U.S. was the world’s dominant rare earth producer, thanks to Mountain Pass Mine, located 15 miles west of Primm. After that, China rose to dominate this market. The U.S. imported 80 percent of its rare earth materials from China between 2016 and 2019. Chinese dominance was further increased after the disastrous abandonment of Afghanistan by the Biden administration. Afghanistan is home to the largest proven concentration of REEs outside of China. Now China is mining those reserves with the permission of their partners, the Taliban. If the Chinese were to decide to restrict supply, it could have a profound impact on US ability to manufacture and maintain essential products and equipment.
We need to bring the full supply chain for these critical resources here to the United States. One such opportunity is in Thacker Pass. Located in the Northeast corner of Nevada, Thacker Pass is one of the largest known lithium deposits in the Western Hemisphere. Thacker Pass could help change US dependence on foreign Lithium.
We need massive and immediate federal investment in Nevada mining and processing capacity. Further, we must block mining industry transactions that benefit Chinese companies. For example, we need to block deals like the 2016 deal in which a U.S. company sold a Congolese mine to a Chinese firm. The deal involved a firm connected to the president’s son Hunter Biden. Finally, we should create a stockpile of select, high priority critical minerals.