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April 18, 2022

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The Democrat-Media Complex Needs You to Focus on the Wrong War

The Biden regime needs the country to fixate on a war far away to distract from their failings and malfeasance at home: the disastrous COVID response; the Afghanistan debacle; a stolen election; the economy; supply chains; currency collapse; gas prices … watching in horror as war engulfs a foreign land provides welcome relief from the pressure of accountability for criminal leadership incompetence.

The irony is that there is a real war going on right on our doorstep that holds much more dire consequences for American peace, prosperity, and health: the ongoing Mexican Drug War. That war is being waged by and against some of the most powerful and brutal criminal organizations in the world – the Mexican cartels, whose legendary cruelty makes Putin look like middle-school playground bully.

Since 2006, more than 300,000 civilians, cartel members and government officials have been killed in various grisly manners including beheadings and public hangings. Many have been buried in mass graves. In addition, more than 70,000 others have disappeared without a trace at the hands of the cartels. Tens of thousands unidentified bodies sit unclaimed in morgues. Each year, the cartels are estimated to gross more than $50,000,000,000 from the drug trade alone. This is approximately equal to the entire annual budget of the US Departments of State and Interior, combined.

Far greater is the toll caused by the Cartels’ business interests. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died or been damaged by the drugs smuggled into the US by the cartels. Many more thousands have been brutalized in savage sexual slavery. Cartel activity within the US includes kidnappings, weapons violations, murders, and sex trafficking.  Of course, the cartels also c­­ontrol the vast majority of the human trafficking that occurs into the US from around the world. They earn billions more per year by smuggling illegal aliens into the US.

Here’s what needs to be done, immediately…

One obvious idea would be to employ the Patriot Act against the cartels instead of against American patriots and Trump supporters. For example:

  • Declare the cartels Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs)
  • Add the cartels to the Terrorist Exclusion List (TEL)
  • Deploy US Army Military Police Brigades to secure the border until the wall is complete.
  • Instead of the next addition to the $15 billion of nonexistent US tax dollars sent to Ukraine, one of the world’s most corrupt countries, send $4 billion to complete the wall.
  • US Congress declares war on the cartels


The War on Speech (and Thought)

One of the only thing Democrats are good at is inventing fake emergencies and ideological panics in order to justify the advance of authoritarianism. Recent examples include the existential American “emergencies” of climate change and white supremacy.

One of their most toxic fake emergencies of late is the war of “misinformation” and “disinformation.” They even try to make it look official by creating an ominous-sounding acronym for it: “MDM.” A better one would be “FMTS” (Facts that Make them Sad). The fake Biden regime is so committed to this hoax that it had Homeland Security abuse the terror warning system and issue a terror warning about the threat of FMTS.

They also collude with their fellow authoritarian travelers in the media, corporate leadership and big-tech to encourage censorship, bullying, marginalization and even professional and family consequences of anyone who dares mention FMTS. The even created a new enforcement mechanism to support their insanity: the industry of “fact-checking.”

In reality, this war on speech is not about the protection of truth. Truth is strong enough that it doesn’t need the protection of mediocre elites to save it. On the other hand, false narratives are notoriously weak, and can use all the mediocre help they can get.

Of course, freedom of expression means nothing if it does not apply to ideas that we disagree with, that offend some, and that are even demonstrably wrong (e.g., the thousands of “the earth is flat” videos on YouTube). What gives away the game is that the Marxists don’t care about real false information like the flat earth theory. The FBI hasn’t raided any flat-earthers and seized their electronics. That’s because the false can be disproven and therefore holds no power. And as we are discovering, life without intellectual freedom of expression is dull, boring, and full of anxiety. Not fun.

In reality, the left’s FMTS lunacy is about obedience. This is how it works: First, they tell you what speech is allowed. Then, if you run afoul of their rules, they punish you. Then they demand a public, humiliating apology in order to consider making the punishment stop. This process reinforces their informational hegemony. Every time someone concedes and apologizes and humiliates him- or herself, the system is strengthened and perpetuated.