Date: April 10, 2022
Time: 10AM – 6PM
Location: Clark County Library (1401 E. Flamingo Rd.)
Meet & Greet Luncheon will be from 1PM-2PM in the library event space (students will have a 1-hour break for lunch)
Violent crime is increasing in Las Vegas. The Second Amendment is under constant attack. Personal security is an important part of the Second Amendment, but before an effective plan can be put in place, we first have to understand our enemy–the violent criminal.
Come join us for an expert seminar on understanding the violent criminal, how to spot signs of violence long before they happen, and avoid potentially dangerous confrontations–all while getting your Nevada multi-state CCW permit.
Best of all, you will be supporting Noah Malgeri, Nevada’s next Congressman!
Statement from Noah:
“I’m running for Congress because our free American way of life is in peril like never before in my lifetime, and I fear we may lose our country for future generations of American children, including my own. Freedom is increasingly becoming an illusion, merely an artifact of a past era. If we don’t have the ability to speak without censorship, elect leaders and representatives of our choosing in free and fair elections, exercise parental rights, and make our own healthcare decisions, are we really free?
After watching the recent, horrifying intrusions on individual liberty in places like Australia, Canada, and Western Europe, that surpass even the authoritarianism to which we have been subjected at home, I am more convinced than ever of the absolute indispensable value of our Second Amendment to protecting our life, liberty, and freedom to pursue happiness in our own homeland. That is our birthright as citizens.
As Marxists in our own government cultivate unrest, violence, and crime in our communities, open our border to international invasion, and most terrifyingly, deploy the federal security and surveillance state against¬†innocent Americans, now is the time for all freedom loving citizens to engage in vigorous exercise of our guaranteed rights to resist and protect against these encroachments. Aside from boldly exercising our First Amendment rights to associate and speak, we must also take responsible measures to create a deterrence from unchecked government overreach by exercising our Second Amendment rights. Please join me at this historic event on April 10th to do just that.”