Meet Noah!

 Noah Malgeri is a patriot first and foremost. The driving force of his professional life has been service to his fellow Americans with both eyes fixed on the future. A future that could be brighter if socialism and the current brand of elitism are struck down. 

Noah is ready for this mission. He’s an accomplished attorney, engineer, and Iraq War veteran. In every phase of his career, Noah has mastered fundamental rules and principles to guide people to victory. 

Noah is a graduate of the prestigious Army Airborne and Air Assault Schools. As an Army JAG officer in Germany, he trained combat units in the law of war and use of force. When he deployed to Iraq, Noah advised commanders in all legal aspects of  war. He earned a Bronze Star for his contribution to planning and executing the opening stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Supporting Veterans is important to Noah because he suffered from PTSD after his service, “I hit rock bottom after two arrests for alcohol abuse. I was only able to come back from that because of my faith in God, family, and the great opportunities this country has. In Congress, I want to make sure more Americans have those opportunities.”

Noah’s service didn’t end when he returned to civilian life- when he came back to the States, he spent a decade as a patent attorney navigating the regulatory minefield for our country’s great businessmen and innovators in the legal hotspots of Boston, Irvine, and Northern Virginia. 

But that wasn’t enough for Noah. He needed to do more for America’s future, so he devoted his time and talent to restoring the lives of Nevada’s youth. Noah was recognized with the 2018 Vegas Legal Magazine Excellence Award for his work as the Director of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada’s Pro Bono Project. 

Today, he’s the founder and Chief Executive of Mojave Rail Fabrication, a company designing and building revolutionary roof racks right here in Southern Nevada based on his own invention that is patent pending.  

Most of all, Noah is a proud father of two sons. The future of Nevada and America’s children drives Noah to take action. He’s running for Congress because if proud patriots and concerned fathers don’t, our country will be abandoned to liberals and socialists.

The stakes are too high. Noah Malgeri is ready.

“I have never observed such a coordinated, well-resourced, possibly existential constellation of threats directed at our country and way of life as I do today. As a father and citizen I am unable to justify standing by at this point and doing nothing.”